Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 reasons why you're getting rejected. Reason 4.

Reason 4: The initiative.

Taking the initiative is something women always complain men don’t do enough of. Women want you to step up to the plate, have been paying attention, and make a good solid decision. Women want a leader, not a follower, and a good leader can make decisions as well as listen to the group, and show them that their input is valuable. The other side of this is being receptive and encouraging this behavior.

Like all things if someone is positive, receptive and encourages you to do well, you’ll put your best foot forward. The same holds true for men in this instance. If you find that men don’t take enough initiative then you should encourage them to do so.

Many men like to feel that they are doing right by their family. They want to support their women, and know they are steering the ship, and doing a good job. Now while a captain is important on a ship, what use is he without his crew?

So, if you want your man to take more initiative, you should be more receptive and supportive to it. People are only human and make mistakes. So when he leads and doesn’t get things right, you can still let him know you had a good time, while making sure he knows what you like and would want to try in the future.

Communication is key. When a leader, and those they lead are in constant communication, they are well aware of each other’s needs. This allows the captain to make well informed choices, and also allows the crew to support him even when his choices are not perfect.

BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, if you find yourself getting angry or upset at men, when their leadership skills fall short, do you really expect him to get back up and do a better job? Remember, leadership (and initiative) is not just about the captain, but the ability of captain and crew to work well together, and have a balanced relationship.

Being initative.

p/s: But it's time to face the truth, I will never be with you.

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