Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 reasons why you're getting rejected. Reason 2.

Reason 2: Nice guys finish last.

We have all heard this before. But what does it mean? If you’re thinking you have to be a jerk to get women’s attention, then you’ve missed the boat. Don’t worry ladies. This message applies to you as well. Nice in this context means someone who is too nice, a pushover.

Someone like this will do for others always before themselves and thus relationships are unbalanced. They are always the giver and never give an opportunity for others to give. These people also often choose needy people to interact with because they feel better about themselves by giving.

There needs to be balance. Women won’t respect a man who they can walk all over, and without respect there won’t be any chemistry. We’ve seen this happen many times before. There’s a guy who’s very generous and good to his friends and family, wonderful father, but for some reason the wife isn’t satisfied and wants to find someone else.

Giving only goes so far and if both aren’t giving, then things will fall out of balance. It’s only natural to take advantage of and abuse things when they make themselves too readily available. When was the last time you were thankful for a breath of air?

What does this mean for women? How can women be too nice? It’s great to laugh at a man’s jokes and make him feel like a man, but there is such a thing as too much.

BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, by giving a man everything and always being the giver, you may become his bread ad butter. But, eventually he’s going to say, “where’s the beef?”

Nice guy? Not me. Attack!!

p/s: Yes, I'm a jerk for hurting so many girls out there before, and now started to feel the KARMA.

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