Thursday, January 20, 2011

Luis Suarez ke Liverpool?

Hahah. Ini berita best untuk kipas-susah-mati Liverpool:

"Liverpool are confident of landing Ajax star Luis Suarez after signs of progress emerged during tough negotiations between the two clubs. Reds officials have been locked in talks with the Dutch club and hope to sign the Uruguayan striker for £15-18 million, despite Ajax manager Frank De Boer's insistence that it would take an "absurd" amount to sign him. Ajax are believed to be demanding £26m for the 23-year-old but a compromise is expected to be reached – even as early as Thursday – after the player made it clear he wanted to move to Merseyside and form a partnership with Fernando Torres." -

Luis Suarez

Hahah. Amacam? Tergugat x musuh2 ketat Liverpool sekalian? Mamat neh maybe x pernah beraksi kat mane2 liga yg top mcm La Liga, Serie A, atau Barclays Premier League, BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, speed, dribbling, n shooting die neh mungkin dpt jadikan die antara top player kat Premier League nanti. Watch and learn! :D

So ini die best eleven Liverpool nanti dgn kehadiran Suarez:

J. Reina

G. Johnson  J. Carragher   D. Agger   F. Aurelio

S. Gerrard   R. Meireles

D. Kuyt   L. Suarez   M. Rodriguez

 F. Torres

Hahah. Memang gempak lah line-up neh. Tengok pun takut. Luis Suarez boleh maen 2nd striker blkg Torres n mane bahagian wing. Hopefully negotiations pasal transfer neh berjalan lancar. Bleh la takut2kan team laen. Hahaha! :DD

p/s: You'll Never Walk Alone! :))

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