Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'll be waiting...

I understand the things you say,
Even though it makes me sad,
We sat and had a talk today,
I gave you everything I had.

Even if you don’t come back,
I’ll wait this year for you,
Even if this love you lack,
I’ll do what I want to do,

I’m happy,
even if you’ve gone away,
I continue to keep this love for you,
In hope that you’ll come back to me,
on a distant far found day,

They think I’m stupid, they laugh at what I do,
They criticize and ridicule this love I have for you,
It dosen’t matter anymore, nothing matters anymore,
The only thing that matters anymore, is the love and what its for,

Just know that I will love you,
And maybe that is sad to hear,
But I will do what I want to do,
Even if that means a year.

Maybe you don’t love me,
And you think this will just be more easy,
But I’ll be waiting, in my heart forever,
Even if that means my love for someone else,
Will end up being never.

I Love You.

p/s: BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, this is a really good poem to SHARE. I know how exactly the poet feels. :)

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