Monday, July 18, 2011

7 reasons why women cheat, Reason 5.

Reason 5: To make a break from a bad relationship.

"When I was younger, I dated a guy named Ethan who was really critical of me. He constantly made little snide comments about my weight, how stupid I was and how clumsy I was. For whatever odd reason, I was into him, despite the fact that all of my friends and family hated him. One weekend when he was away, I met Will at a party and we completely hit it off. He was the complete opposite of Ethan — kind, sweet and generous, yet completely cool and fun, too. We hung out all weekend and it was like a light bulb went off in my head: This is how mature, relationship-worthy guys act. I kissed Will the night before he left and broke up with Ethan soon after. Will and I dated for three years and now we’re married." - Allison, 30

BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, remember that there is always a possibility that people will change or some good fortune will make things turn around but you have waited 12 long years and nothing changed. It is high time that you become pragmatic and took control of your life.

p/s: Please stand up for yourself.

Take a break, have a breather.

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