Monday, July 18, 2011

7 reasons why women cheat, Reason 6.

Reason 6: To find that missing piece.

"I’m from Florida, so I adore going to the beach and boating, but my former boyfriend, Chris, a total city boy, hated it. We always argued about where we’d take trips, and he always won. About eight months into our relationship, I took a trip to Key West with my friends and we chartered a boat for the day. The captain of the boat was this totally hot, complete ‘beach guy for life’ type, and I spent the whole day flirting with him. We met him out that night and spent time alone together. I never told Chris about it after I got home and I never felt guilty; I think part of me felt like that’s what Chris got for being so stubborn! Chris and I didn’t make it, and after we broke up, I made sure any future boyfriends loved the beach!" - Lizzie, 32

BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, perhaps what's missing is only dormant for a while. Perhaps when something is removed from our life it is so we can focus on another area. Remember this: Never get too excited with the high, highs in your life or too devastated with the low, lows. Instead, aim for someplace in between - a balance of the two.

p/s: You never find yourself until you face the truth.

WTH? I wanna find my missing piece!!

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