Monday, May 16, 2011

Re-post: 5 reasons why religious-FAGS are childish.

Geng, ini ade post baek punye, dipetik dari entry blog kwn Facebook gua, Diena Wong. Sekali baca, menarik, sebab gua banyak je jumpe org2 seperti yg dikatakan dalam post neh. Memang ramai beb dalam kehidupan seharian. Tak percaye lue bace!

Hm hm. Mungkin tak ramai yg bersetuju, terutama golongan2 orthodox yg selalu menyalahkan atau memburuk2kan golongan urban. Tapi gua, antara golongan yg boleh dikategorikan sebagai urban kerana dari kecik lagi membesar dan dibesarkan di bandar, SANGAT, SANGAT menyokong pendapat yg dinyatakan oleh cik Diena Wong ini.

Okay geng, jom kite usha2 entry blog drpd cik Diena Wong ni! Wooosh~!

"I was about to post something about this one religious-fag who was so eager to prove his point right about some religious related issues. I was about to reveal this one sad add Facebook profile where despite being a RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST as his words deemed to be, still forgot to hide his favorite book which under the sexual related title of 'Female Orgasm Black Book'."

"What kind of preacher so keen to fix a stranger, yeah u hear me right, in this case I am a stranger to him but his words seem to know me better than myself, but he is no better himself." 

"So I've made a theory that, all religious-fag, especially MALE, who claimed to be a saint and in effort to stitch every girl's vagina and butthole so that us girl wont go spreading our legs around, is nothing but a child, and a disturbed one while at it."

"Why? U may ponder."

1. They always want to win, even at the brink of losing the would dig the internet for some snippets of ayat quran to justify their ill-proposed statement.

2. They never seem satisfy with other ppl's life. There always a hole that need to be patch. There always something wrong with the civilization.

3. They are always right, even when them wrong, they are right.

4. Picking fights with a girl is their hobby. For them, that is not 'dayus', that is 'mendidik'. F*ck you much?

5. And lastly, their ego is always gets in the way. 

"You see, this kind of people need to respect other people's space, privacy and beliefs. If you, yourself have so much to belief in, why dont educate those around u first. For all you know, your sister, aunts or maybe even mom are f*cking senselessly around behind ur back."

"Ok, enough ranting."

"I'll rant more on daily basis, but not necessarily on scheduled time."

Religious-fags, are you?

BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, pada gua, memang apa2 pun kita kena melihat dari sudut agama, tapi itu x bermakna kita perlu sentiasa melihat atau mencari kesalahan org lain. Tak guna kuat agama begini gaya, sembahyang tunggang-terbalik, tapi hati busuk.

Okay, dah2. Tak nak cakap lebih2. Gua bukan niat nak mencari gaduh. Sekadar berkongsi pendapat org lain yg lebih kurang sama dgn pendapat gua.

"PEACE, BROTHER!" v(^.^)v

Andai ada yg terasa, gua mintak maaf la. Tapi ini tak bermakna lue yg kononnya religious, lue sentiasa betul. Hahah. Okay, mintak maaf sekali lagi. :DDD

Okaylah gua nak gerak dulu melabuhkan badan. Jumpe lagi di lain post!

p/s: *Religious-fags = Mamat2 yg 'poyo' konon alim dan arif ilmu agama. ^^

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